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Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518
March 13, 2016 07:05 PM PST
SINCE 2007

Call to save humanity and Mother Earth at the South Pole

In a never ending years of relentless travel, Dr. Teodoro Murallon M.D. and Dr. Frank Groose from Berlin, Germany, HDI World Ambassadors have touched down at South Pole last December 13, 2015 as part of their Antartica Advocacy Expedition. The Human Development International ( HDI ) making landmark at the South

Pole was highlighted by the call made by the Ambassadors for people around the world to unite together in a cooperative and concerted action to protect and restore the ability of the Living Planet Earth to sustain life and mitigate global warming and climate change.

Dr. Frank Groose and Dr. Ted Murallon M.D. are among the officially declared top most travelled persons on Earth. Through their years of “non-stop travel” they have spread the HDI’s cause globally making it that most travelled advocacy to date.

HDI salutes both Ambassadors for their remarkable accomplishments through the years in furthering the cause.