May 27, 2017 02:59 AM PST
SINCE 2007

Urdanetanians slate grand reunion in L.V.

Members worldwide joined the teleconference organizational meeting held this week. Members from Rome, Italy, Hawaii, Philippines, Canada, and other key cities joined the meeting and unanimously elected Caringal their first president.

Caringal, together with all the officers elected, will be confirmed by the general membership during the three-day multi-high school alumni homecoming from four Urdaneta high schools (Urdaneta Community High School, Urdaneta National High School, Divine Word Academy, and the Our Lady of the Lilies Academy) to be held Sept. 27, 28, and 29 at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. At press time, some 850 Urdanetanians have already registered to attend the grand reunion.

According to Caringal, the global group’s vision is to have a global community of Urdanetanians sharing common goals and sentiments in propagating Filipino culture all over the world.
Its mission, Caringal said, is to provide a forum of ideas and information through the e-forum and the e-publication; promote brotherhood, sisterhood, and fellowship; and engage in development and special projects, thereby contributing to a successful and meaningful life of the Global Urdanetanians.

Aside from Caringal who resides in Los Angeles, others elected were Menchu Madriaga, Los Angeles, California, VP for Administration; Yvonne San Juan-Sera, LA, CA, VP for Operations; Elizabeth D. Parayno, LA, CA, Secretary; Flor Bachiller, Carson City, CA, Assistant Secretary; Lennie Echalas Rebudal, Carson City, CA, Treasurer; Jennifer Virina, Carson, CA, Assistant Treasurer; Norma Torres Agulo, NorCal, Auditor; Buena Lizardo, NorCal, Assistant Auditor; Elpidio R. Estioko, NorCal, PRO; Editha Bergado Sison, SoCal, Assistant PRO; G. Don Arellano, Florida, Business Manager; Bernadette Ortiz, NorCal, Business Manager; and Rufino Ortiz, Jr., NorCal, Business Manager.

Immediately after its organizational meeting, the global group began the process of registering the organization and applying for tax exempt projects. Its initial projects, Caringal said, include a scholarship program for deserving students and assistance to kids labeled under TGU Charities.

The Scholarship Board is chaired by Yvonne San Juan-Serra; Ave Vida (Rome, Italy), vice chair; and Menchu Madriaga and Cynthia Cortez (Southern California), and Rufino Ortiz, Jr., and Cris Ramirez (Philippines), members.

The Help the Kids (HKB) is chaired by Norma Torres Agulo with Joe Nitura (Philippines), as co-chair. Members are Gen. Sid Lapena (Philippines), Gina Soliven Rafanan (San Diego, CA), Rosa Albano (Northern California), and Dr. Rosie S. Ana (Philippines).