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Guess What (Apr 4-10 2014)


2014 is the year Beth Tamayo has been waiting for, the right time to live a renewed life together with her loved ones and friends in the Philippines.

The U.S.-based actress aims to fly in this year after being away for quite a time. Hopefully, she will be able to spend Christmas and New Year in Manila. Beth says she is ready to face the criminal cases filed against her and ex-husband Johnny Wong. Believing that everything will settle in God’s perfect timing, Beth will sort out the issues to prove she has nothing to do with whatever illegal transactions her husband entered into.

She is confident that with the support of her family and friends, Beth will surpass all the challenges that await her here in the Philippines. Then again, Beth is excited to witness the blooming career of her nephew, Dom Roque, who is included in the cast of ABS-CBN’s latest afternoon drama Moon of Desire.

Beth admits she and Dom constantly talk to each other via social media, with the latter always asking for his auntie’s advice on show business. Actually, she said, she sees himself in Dom when she was still a newbie in Philippine entertainment.

Let’s wish Beth will be able to bounce back from all her travails.

After five years, Aiko Melendez will grace the big screen once more, thanks to the invitation of a Cinemalaya entry. In Asintado, Aiko will be playing the mother of a drug courier and an autistic boy. Directed by Louie Ignacio, Asintado will be part of Cinamalaya’s Director’s Showcase category.

For Aiko, doing an independent film is very refreshing. It gives her the freedom to act in a way different from the demands of mainstream movie acting. In fact, when Direk Louie called to inform her about an indie film he was conceiving for her, she instantly got interested. When the script was sent to her, she did not contact the director right away – she announced her decision on Facebook that she is doing an indie film, right after she read the script.

Asintado is the actress’ first indie film, yet she was supposed to produce an indie film also years ago. Ika-Pito got shelved, as it would have been Aiko and ex-husband Jomari Yllana’s reunion movie. At the time, however, Aiko’s line producer was Pops Fernandez who happened to be Jomari’s ex-girlfriend, and the two still didn’t see each other eye to eye. So Aiko decided to call the whole thing off.

Incidentally, the rumor mill is saying that Aiko and Jomari are actually doing well right now – and by “well” we mean there is a spark that could lead to fireworks ..... as in, there is a chance they could be together again.

At least, Aiko is enjoying the high spirits brought to her by work and family.

Whether we like it or not, Maja Salvador is now a recording artist.

Last March 30, Maja’s debut album Believe was launched at Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City. Her first album is under Ivory Records, and contains six tracks that are a mix of slow and danceable tunes.

Maja is excited for herself now that she is given a chance to venture on new things, which she never imagined in her wildest dreams. This is the reason she hopes that the public will slowly accept that it is not only dancing that she loves, but also singing.

Her boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, is very supportive and excited for Maja’s booming career as well. With the success of her primetime drama series The Legal Wife, and now with an album, Maja is indeed blessed beyond imagination. As for her detractors, Maja will always be ready to face them. She is aware that not everyone will support her latest endeavour, but they will not keep Maja from believing that she can make all her dreams come true.