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Guess What (May 3-9 2013)


Last week, we wrote a scoop on RnB singer Kris Lawrence and controversial celebrity-former medical doctor Hayden Kho. Apparently, the two accidentally bumped into each other during a singing contest held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, where Hayden happened to be one of the judges and Kris was there to grace the event with a song number.

As a refresher, Hayden Kho is the ex-lover of Kapuso actress Katrina Halili, the current  girlfriend of Kris Lawrence. Hayden and Katrina starred in their homemade sex video a few years ago, and the controversial recording, which leaked onto the internet, cost Hayden his medical license, as case after case of women’s rights violations were filed against him by Halili.


Today, Katrina and Kris are doting parents to  seven-month old baby, Katrence.

Days after the SM MOA Arena incident, the couple saw Hayden once again while having their lunch in a mall.

For Kris, Hayden deserves a fistful from him straight in the face. On the contrary, when members of the press asked Katrina how she felt upon seeing Hayden, the actress said that she holds no grudges against Hayden, for she has moved on and no longer lives in the past. She would rather focus on being a good mother to Katrence.

Katrina is actually proud of the very professional way Kris handled himself when he encountered Hayden in the singing contest. Since he shook hands with the other judges, he had no choice but do the same thing to Hayden as well.

Indeed, one should not stop living her life even after experiencing the worst of times. Katrina Halili is the best example of a woman who is able to endure the ugly chapter of her lifetime, and to stand up and face the music.

Was Martin Nievera given a show only just for the heck of it?

This is how it looks like, based on the tweets Martin posted on his Twitter account just a few days ago. Using his Twitter name “@4eversinging4u,” Martin expressed his disappointments after the ABS-CBN management decided that his show Martin Late @ Night does not deserve any extension after its 13-episode first season.

As early as the third episode, according to rumors, Martin already got wind of production management’s thoughts of really sticking to just a 13-week show.

Looking back on his tweets dated April 25-29, a grief-stricken Martin Nievera addressed  his fans and followers:

“Ok tweet hearts. My biggest fear came true. Just found out martinlateatnight is only 13 episodes talaga. Then that’s it. Had highhopes sad =(“

And more:

“It’s hard to try & make l@n better if I don’t have the support from upstairs. They don’t even answer my texts.”

“U cannot blame me if I am not rating like the prime time shows if u don’t support me like u support them. No band no live audience? How?

“I know I am no teleserye or noon time show but if I had their support I would last longer. Can’t stay in the fight alone. So sad.

“It feels like the station is just waiting for my season to end so they can be rid of l@n to say, ‘ok we gave u a show! Now go to your room!”

So that is how they treat a Concert King? Really? Now we can’t blame the guy if he goes ranting like this. Then again, there are two sides to a story, and as of press time, no word yet from the top honchos of ABS-CBN.

Ms. Maricar Reyes will soon become Mrs. Maricar Reyes-Poon.

Yes, crooner Richard Poon and doctor-actress Maricar Reyes are now engaged and will soon tie the knot!

Maricar, who for a time was controversial because of her involvement with Hayden Kho’s dirty tactics, has moved on as well, just like Katrina Halili.

However, Richard Poon remains tight-lipped about the details of the wedding, not wanting to preempt all their planning and preparations.

The singer confessed that for him, it was a love at first sight. When he saw Maricar on Betty La Fea (2008), he developed a crush on her right away.

Coming from a conservative family, Richard is very much happy that his family loves Maricar and is oblivious of her past. Poon believes he is no better than Maricar, and the past is past.

At long last, the once damsel in distress will finally have her happy ending, as a prince charming was brave enough to save her and sweep her off her feet.

Congratulations in advance, Maricar and Richard!