May 25, 2017 01:00 PM PST
SINCE 2007

All days are holydays

Fast Food for Thought

We had a wall calendar printed in full color with all the days of the week changing slots. In this calendar Monday (Moon or Luna for Lunes) is at the very left hand column which is the first day of the week, followed by Tuesday which is on Monday's slot, and Wednesday on Tuesday's, and so on. The SS days, Saturday (Saturn) and Sunday (Sun) are the weekend days or he last two days of the week.
The new calendar ends to baffle because we have been used to the "present" one, or the calendar we are using. When we asked a printer friend who printed it what gives, he said it's the "novelty" of it and we should get used to it. In fact he said it's like hot cakes, it's becoming a collector's item.
In the "novelty" calendar Monday is the first day of the working week which ends on a Friday on the spot where Thursday was. Since Friday is the usual last working day of a five-day-work week (no matter what the calendar is) it's a day eagerly awaited by all working people, specially urban dwellers, when they can put aside all weekly concerns and would exult TGIF! Thanks God It's Friday! Because on Friday all are strung up ready to hie off beyond the hills to harmonize with nature, get lost in its splendor, rest in is quiet, breath the air clean and sweet, and where They could get the boost and confidence, and conditioning to face the challenges of another week.
Sunday is the first day of the week in the present calendar. It is printed in red. Red is a warning sign. One is "warned" not to engage in extraneous activities on a red-letter day. It is designated as a day of worship by most Christians.
Genesis Tells us that creation was done in six days. When everything was in place on the sixth day, including the creation of man to rein over all creation, God looked at what He had done and was pleased. By the seventh day he had finished his job and stopped working and rested. He blessed The seventh day and set it aside as "The Lord's Day". And this has become a Church law by most professing Christians.
But the Jews and some Christian sects have their own ideas of a day to be observed as a day of rest and worship. It is Saturday, the seventh day of the week. They call it Christian Sabbath named in the Ten Commandments. To the Jews Sabbath is the most special day, even more special than Yom Kippur, a day for spiritual enrichment. They must have been the ones who have introduced he novelty calendar. Yet Sabbath is not a red-letter day. The members of this sect call themselves Seventh Day Adventists, or Sabbatarians.
The Jews and Pharisees who are scrupulous about Sabbath law took issue with Jesus for healing a paralyzed man and crippled woman on a Sabbath, or when his disciples picked up heads of wheat and crushed them to eat the grain because they were hungry, activities the Pharisees thought were prohibited to do during Sabbath.
Jesus asked them what is allowed by law in the Sabbath, to do good or to do harm, to save life or destroy it (Luke 6:8). And he gave a supposition that if one in his herd of sheep falls into a pit on the Sabbath will he allow it to languish and die in the pit? The Pharisees had no answer. But they were furious and embarrassed fopr their obsessive and implacable posturing about Sabbath. Thery are a breed of zealots who make loud noises at street corners in assortments of gaudy garbs to be seen or heard. Jesus dismissed them as nuisances who appear upright at the outside but are like whitewashed tombstones that stink inside.
Be that as it may, there are circumstances when we could not avoid to keep a day "holy" and give the body rest if we are jsut the avereage Joe, the ordinary wage earner, a paltry fry with temporal needs. So it isn't a spiritual disqualifer if we work to fill our needs at the same time provide services to others. Just hang on there, do the Golden Rule, remain steadfast with your good intentions, stay clear of ill-will, your conduct without fault, your life well-ordered and these may be enough qualifiers to be a decent human being. God will underestand.
The POublican did juste that. He was a tax collector but an upright man.