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Miriam: ‘Marcoses don’t owe us an apology’

By Corina Oliquino | FilAm Star Correspondent

Manila, Philippines – Third time’s a charm as Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is running for the presidency once again as she files her Certificate of Candidacy on October 16, 2015, Friday, the last day of filing and just three days

after her announcement that she’s vying for the presidency in 2016.

Santiago announced her third presidential bid on October 15, 2015 as she was inducted as Philippine Judges Association’s Hall of Fame in her service as Regional Trial Court Judge.

In the said event, Santiago through her speech and interviews with the media after the event confirmed her presidential run.

In a report by ABS-CBN 2’s TV Patrol, Santiago assured the public, most especially the voters that there’s nothing to worry about regarding her health condition and that she’s completely healed of her Stage 4 Lung Cancer, “Completely, they can have the truth completely and I will be perfectly willing to answer any question.”

Santiago also confirmed the hearsays of her tandem with Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. in the 2016 elections, with the latter running as her vice president, “I think we mutually chose each other, our two camps. They happen to cross each other, the telephone lines happen to cross each other, it’s coincidental. One camp is calling the other camp.”

But in a statement, however, Senator Bongbong Marcos confirmed that he talked to Santiago’s husband and also cleared that nothing is final yet regarding the ‘talk.’

“I can confirm that I had a lunch meeting with Sec. Jun Santiago yesterday. We discussed a wide range of subjects concerning the upcoming elections and spoke of possible alliances. We agreed to meet again soon,” Marcos said in a statement via ABS-CBN 2’s TV Patrol.

‘Marcoses don’t owe us an apology’
Following her announcement to run as president in 2016, Santiago filed her Certificate of Candidacy on the afternoon of October 16, 2015, Friday alone and without her ‘running mate’ Bongbong Marcos.

After Santiago’s announcement of her teaming up with Marcos, many slammed the Senator most especially netizens in which Santiago also believe to be one of her strongest campaign tool.

In her speech after completing the filing of her Certificate of Candidacy, Santiago stressed that the things happened in the past “need to be evaluated according to the circumstances” and lessons from the Martial Law should always be remembered.

“I do not think that on a family basis, the Marcoses as a family owe us an apology,” she said in an article via Rappler.

Santiago also added that the Marcos family didn’t wholly decide on curfews and the regulation in the issuance of firearms under Martial Law but by President Marcos and his then advisers alone. “It was not the case that President Marcos, the father, told all the Marcoses to come together and they all decided jointly to conduct certain activities that were later viewed with this interest or with distaste or even without outright criticism,” Santiago added from her speech via ABS-CBN 2’s TV Patrol.

In an article via, Santiago was asked how she could run with Marcos as her running mate if, during the Martial Law she defied the Senator’s father while she was a Regional Trial Court Judge, ordering the release of about 50 students from the University of the Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University who were detained without arrest warrants.

“You ask me, ‘Do you still affirm the decision you made in court?’ Yes, I do. I was correct... Truth is still truth, justice is still justice,” Santiago said via

When asked why she’s running for president the third time, the Senator said, “The third time’s always a charm.”

Miriam Santiago first ran as president in 1992 when she lost to Fidel V. Ramos. She also ran in 1998 where she placed 7th in an election that was won by Joseph Estrada.